Water/Cement Ratio Meter, Type R Moisture Cementometer

The Cementometer uses the latest microwave moisture measurement technology to quickly and reliably determine water/cement (w/c) ratio of fresh concrete, cement, and mortar mixes. Knowledge of the actual w/c ratio is critical in assessing concrete mix quality in-place, and until now, has been difficult to determine.

A dual-sensor probe measures the dielectric constant of specimens. After five to ten readings are obtained, values are computed and displayed immediately on the LCD display. Range of the instrument is from 0.35-0.70 w/c, encompassing most typical mixes in use today.

The unit is factory programmed to calculate results for mixes using Type l and Type lll Portland cements. For greatest accuracy, the Cementometer should be correlated by the user for the actual mix being tested. A calibration function allows separate correlations for up to ten specific mixes.

The hand-held meter can store up to 150 readings with date and time in memory, and data is easily uploaded to a PC through the RS-232 port. All navigation and menu functions are controlled through four buttons on the waterproof membrane keypad. The probe consists of two 4.5in (114mm) stainless steel sensors and is connected by cable to the meter. The unit is powered by four replaceable AA batteries.

The Cementometer includes the Meter, Probe with cable, RS-232 data cable, data-transfer software and instructions, in a sturdy plastic carrying case.

Water/Cement Ratio Meter, Type R Moisture Cementometer
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